Our Universe


Noble Fibre works directly with nomads, artisans and locally owned businesses. Our team is composed of actual nomads and global ones who have traveled the world and worked in international philanthropy, fashion, business, development and social enterprise.  Monica Garry spent more than 20 years working on philanthropic and enterprise development programs in Asia primarily in Tibet with Tibetan nomads and more recently with artisan enterprises in Ladakh, Rajasthan, Gujarat in India and projects in Colombia, Peru, Morocco,  Rwanda, S. Sudan and S.E. Asia with the Aspen Institute.  


Our team includes artisans, nomads, entrepreneurs, social impact investors, farmers, surfers, writers, bankers, yogis, meditation and pranayama teachers, horse trainers and riders, cyclists and photographers. We care about positive impact, sustaining cultural traditions and sustaining and protecting environmental resources and work with our partners to help them achieve both financial and social impact.