Our Universe


Noble Fibre works in partnership with nomads, artisans and locally owned businesses on our collections. Our team is composed of actual nomads and global ones who have traveled the world and worked in international philanthropy, fashion, business, development and social enterprise.  

Monica Garry, NFI's creative director and founder, spent more than 20 years leading  philanthropic, humanitarian and enterprise development programs in Asia for a fund of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. She has worked extensively in Tibetan and Himalayan regions with nomads and more recently in Ladakh, Rajasthan, Gujarat in India. She has worked with The Aspen Institute, UNESCO, World Wildlife Fund, the Smithsonian, the European Union, USAID and foundations on grant programs and collaborations on social and artisan enterprise, education, business development, wild life conservation and cultural heritage preservation. She received an MBA from the London School of Economics and HEC-Paris. After living much of her life in Asia, NYC and DC, she is home again in California creating and composing a meaningful life with her husband and dog. 

Our team of advisors includes artisans, nomads, entrepreneurs, social impact investors, surfers, writers, bankers, yogis, artists, meditation teachers, philanthropists, teachers, professors, horse trainers, cyclists, and photographers.

Noble Fibre is a brand with a mission. We support artisans, nomads and local enterprises through our business partnerships and strive to sustain cultural heritage traditions and be as environmentally sustainable as possible. NFI has started a give back program to support communities where we work, animals and the ocean.