• Cashmere Shawl -Assam Tie Dye
  • Cashmere Shawl -Assam Tie Dye

Cashmere Shawl -Assam Tie Dye

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Handspun, hand woven cashmere shawl made with the finest cashmere from Ladakh. The weavers use traditional hand looms and techniques to create our designs. Each piece is made with hand spun yarn. It takes 2 months to make this piece and it will endure and get softer. Hand spun and hand woven using traditional artisan techniques in Rajasthan, India. This is a forever shawl to wrap yourself in at home, work or when traveling. Wrap it into a big scarf for cold days! 


This is a traditional tie dye pattern from Assam in North East India.

Size: 32"x80" 

Color: Burgundy, Pink, White & Black Tie dye Pattern