• Ultrafine Rungi Chungi Cashmere Scarf #3

Ultrafine Rungi Chungi Cashmere Scarf #3


Rungi Chungi double ply cashmere scarf with short cut fringe on long edge. (RUN-GEE CHUN-GEE) means colorful in Nepalese. 

These scarves are one of a kind designs made by the weavers we work with in Nepal from left over hand spun cashmere yarn. The weavers use whatever yarn is left over and create a one of kind design!  The colors, size and hand touch are incredible. They are finely hand woven and feel like silk! Perfect year round scarf that brings the color! 

100% hand woven cashmere.  36"x 82" 

Multi color, sustainable, upcycled