Noble Fibre works directly with artisans, nomads and locally owned businesses to design and create beautiful and authentic items for your home and life. Our collections feature the finest and most sustainable materials, including noble fibres (Cashmere, silk, wool, linen and cotton) to ensure exceptional quality that will endure. Our collections also include rare heritage and one of a kind pieces made by artisans using their traditional skills and designs and collaborations that feature contemporary styles.  Noble Fibre also has one of kind upcycled cashmere scarves and shawls made from the left over yarn that are exquisite and completely sustainable.  Invest in fewer, finer and fair

Noble Fibre also creates limited collections of pillows, textiles for framing and accessories made with rare vintage upcycled textiles and one of kind brocade and velvet coats and partners with brands designed by local artisans including Mia Peru and Bhundu. 

Some of our weavers design and make traditional and new iterations of their traditional designs for the collections. Our main collection including elevated basics are designed in collaboration with partners and friends who inspire us and by Monica Garry in SoCal, Paris, Jaipur and Kathmandu. 

Noble Fibre and our brands including Noble Fibre Artisan Marche, Fibre Tibet and Pondichery Marche have been featured in Architectural Digest, Town & Country, W magazine, WWD, San Francisco Magazine, Yoga Journal, Marie Claire-France, Io Donna, Kult, Flying Adventures, Good Lifer and Ocean to Ranch Lifestyle. 

Noble Fibre is a brand with a mission.  We support artisans, nomads and local enterprises through fair business partnerships, promote sustaining cultural heritage and artisan traditions and strive to be as sustainable as possible.  Noble Fibre donates some of our proceeds to support ocean protection, women and children, education, animal welfare and the communities where we work. 

Our team and universe includes artisans, nomads, entrepreneurs, designers, social impact investors, surfers, environmentalists, scientists, writers, designers, bankers, bakers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, gelato makers, lawyers, teachers, chefs, gardners, dog lovers, equestrians, cat people, dreamers, winemakers, non profit do gooders, activists, educators, music makers, diplomats, divers, yogis, artists, meditation teachers, delivery heroes, pilots, dog walkers, vets, healers, shamans,  philanthropists, retired and current rock stars, actors, professors, horse trainers, falconers, cyclists, film makers, mountain climbers, photographers and everyone who makes the world go round! 

 Monica Garry, NFI's founder and designer, first went to Nepal and India in her teens and has been going back ever since. As a student at the School for International Training she loved riding her bicycle around Kathmandu, making friends, learning and being inspired by the cultural and spiritual beauty of daily life in Nepal. Her Nepalese teacher wore a beautiful hand woven Nepalese cashmere shawl and helped her find a weaver so she could buy them for her mom and sister and the love of textiles made in Nepal began! Thirty years later these shawls are still in use and as lovely as ever. Her mom and grandmother promoted her love of textiles, fine fabrics and enduring, timeless fashion especially YSL.  

Monica spent more than 20 years leading philanthropic, humanitarian and enterprise development programs in Asia for BF a fund of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. She worked extensively in Tibetan and Himalayan regions with nomads and more recently in Ladakh, Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. She has worked with The Aspen Institute, UNESCO, World Wildlife Fund, the Smithsonian, the European Union, USAID, Norway and foundations on grant programs and social and artisan enterprise, education, business development, wild life conservation and cultural heritage programs. She received an MBA from the London School of Economics and HEC-Paris.  After spending much of her life in Asia, Europe, NYC and DC, she has returned to California where she lives with her husband and dog.  Monica makes extended trips to work with artisans, local businesses and both traditional and modern designers who partner with Noble Fibre.