Modern essentials including scarves, shawls, hats, beanies, arm warmers, ponchos, hoodies, cardigans, pullovers and robes. Made with the finest cashmere, wool, cotton and silk sourced from Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand and Mongolia to create the highest quality and most enduring pieces.


The softest blankets and throws woven with the finest cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.  Many of our throws are made with handspun yarn and brushed for extra softness and durability.


A luxe collection inspired by cultural heritage, styles, symbols, beauty and hand made techniques of our favorite places particularly Nepal and India.  Featuring fine wools, cashmere, silk brocades and velvet, embroidery, shibori and tie and dye.

Noble Fibre collections use the longest, softest fibres, hand spun yarns and traditional weaving and other artisan techniques to create pieces with an exceptionally soft hand touch and exceptional quality. Many pieces can take one to three months to make, however, they may last you a lifetime. 

Vintage Textile Collection

This upcycled collection features one of a kind vintage textiles from India, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Central Asia.  One of our partners has assembled this special, rare collection which we use to create one of a kind pillows, bags and throws.  The textiles feature intricate hand weaving, stitching, embroidery, applique techniques and materials, symbols, patterns and stories from their place of origin. Many are from tribal and nomadic cultures.

Custom fair sur mesure

We do limited custom editions for individual customers and a few retail partners. Noble Fibre makes custom order blankets and throws in a variety of ply, sizes and weaves in cashmere, wool and silk.


Rare and one of a kind finds including jewelry, textiles, mani stones, pottery, rugs and special objects from our partners and found on our travels are available at NFI pop up and trunk shows.