Sustainability & Social and Cultural Impact

Our goal is promote and develop supply chains that do not create suffering. To us this means people, animals, the environment and culture are valued and treated with respect. 


We work with our partners to check the origin of all materials and encourage best environmental practices. Noble Fibre's Tibetan and Ladakh cashmere is fully documented and verified.

Our direct relationships with nomads,  artisans and local businesses enable us to provide exceptional quality and value to our customers.

No animals are harmed or killed. Goats and yaks shed their coats in the spring when the clip takes place. The clip is when goats and yak fibre is collected using combs, brushes and shears.

We source some of our cashmere directly from 42 nomad families in Western Tibet for the Fibre Tibet collection.  The nomads live in tents and their goats roam freely over large areas of land. They keep herds in balance with the land they graze. 

Noble Fibre also sources cashmere and yak wool from Nepal, Ladakh and Mongolia through our local partners.

Noble Fibre does not use fibres from any endangered species including the Chiru, the Tibetan antelope, which is killed to make ring shawls. If anyone is selling you shatoosh or a product made with shatoosh don’t buy it!


Many of our pieces are undyed for an organic ultra soft hand touch.  We only use vegetable based and AZO European dyes for colors. Our partners are careful with water use and disposal of water and waste.


 NFI works to achieve social impact in the following ways:

  • Add value to the raw cashmere and yak wool to increase nomad incomes
  • Pay nomads and material suppliers fair market value
  • Support locally owned enterprises and artisans
  • Sustain culture and identity by integrating traditional techniques into designs
  • invest in the start up and growth of local enterprises and cooperatives
  • Check and monitor all aspects of value chains including raw material and production to the best of our ability
  • Promote and implement best environmental practices to reduce carbon foot print, waste and mitigate harmful impacts to people, animals and the land

Noble Fibre supports training programs so nomads can increase the quality and value of their fibres. Noble Fibre provides combs, brushes, shears, bags and training to nomads in Tibet. Nomads can obtain higher prices for their fibre and Noble Fibre and our customers benefit from the softest, highest quality products.

Fair & Socially Conscious

Four of our workshop partners are fully fair trade certified and others are small and/or family owned enterprises where we know all aspects of production.  We personally work in the workshops on site often so know the labor, environmental conditions first hand and are committed to promoting and supporting improvements for the workers. No child labor is used in any of the production.

Supporting and empowering artisan enterprises and women

Women make up 70% of the artisan sector!  We create economic opportunities for artisans and local entrepreneurs. Noble Fibre provided seed funding to start a women owned business in Tibet by a Tibetan partner.

Sustaining Cultural Heritage

Noble Fibre contributes to sustaining local artisan and cultural traditions and the art of handmade and noting the heritage techniques and designs from our partners that are often centuries years old. 


We provide donations of items to support charitable organizations and their work. Please contact us for more details.